Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lee and Patrick
My favorite Art teacher and film and video teacher.


Some times it is wierd to think that Allison was my teacher (her first year was my senior year). She scared me alot when I was in school. Now I am the opposite of scared of her! She had helped me immensely over the past two years, not sure I will ever be able to handle my self as gracefully as she, but I aspire.

Courtney and Patrick

Courtney=the sweetest, most humble person I know.

EFB and PatrickPosted by Picasa
I certainly could not try to explain EFB in just a few sentences on a blog post. I am very grateful for this man. He taught me a lot when I was a student and has taught me even more as a teacher.
We have had some long days together! My friend, my lunch bud, my co-director the A in A&W.
I love my coworkers! My job sucks a lot some times but I am lucky to work with these people who are extremely dedicated and just darn funny! These pics are from the fine arts banquet(AKA a greuling 3 1/2 hour long evening where we give awards to all the fine arts students under the sun). By the time it is over we are all miserable, but it is nice to recognize all of the hard work our students do all year long. AND as if 3 1/2 hours wasn't enough time together, we went out for drinks afterwards!
Here's to another great year at GHS!