Sunday, December 16, 2012

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

I've Become THAT Lady...

In just one week, I am going back to work :( I can easily say this has been the best summer ever and as much as I hate going back to work, I am so grateful to have a job that lets me stay home with Lilie for two months straight.

Now the real reason for this blog post. Since before I had the baby, I planned on weaning Lilie from breastfeeding before I started another school year. However, I have become that lady that isn't ready to give it up. Never thought I'd be saying that. She is 6 months old. She has no problem taking formula. But I know with the hours that I work during play season, she is going to have to have a lot more than she is taking now.

I have done a little bit of research on partial weaning, sounds great, but not sure if it will really work. I hate pumping at work and would really love it if I didn't have to. I have had no supply issues so in theory I guess I should be ok.

If any of my nursing mom friends have any advice, experience, comments, or thoughts please feel free to share. I need to figure out what I'm gonna do with this baby girl! I just got teary-eyed reading some articles about weaning! How did this happen to me?!?!

Thanks in advance!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Family Photo Fun

It's hard to be cute in pictures...
[Photo of mother plotting to prey on child]
It's hard to be cute in pictures when it's 103 degrees in Memphis....

[Somebody turn the air on!]
It's hard to take family photos without a photographer...

[Almost cute.]

But just like a pioneer woman, I press on...

[Thank goodness for photo editing.]
I FINALLY got Joe to go to church in matching family outfits!!! I can die happy now. 

Hope everyone has a great Independence day! I'll give you one more photo for the road....

[My baby is adorable.]

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5 months

Lilie has been a busy lady. Here's what she's been up to:

-Sleeping on her tummy or side but never her back anymore
-Taking naps in her crib (not happy about it though)
-Eating baby food---so far she has had apples,carrots, and sweet potato. Sweet potato is her favorite!
-Sitting up all by herself
-Swimming-we have a water baby
-Teething :(
-Summer Reading!

4 Months

Lilie's 4-month-old tricks:

Rolling from back to tummy (however she stopped rolling from tummy to back)
Blowing raspberries
Twisting her tongue
Sticking out her tongue
Lots of laughing

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3 months

My girl is 3 months old!

Here's what she's been doing this month:

Sleeping through the night.
Giggling (mostly at her Daddy)
Smiling a lot
Starting to hold and grab toys
Rolling over front to back

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two Months Old

Things my two month old has accomplished:
-Swinging contently...a lot
-Rolling over (Although I am the only one who has witnessed it)
-Sleeping 7-8 hours a night
-Survival of vaccinations
-Sitting in Bumbo
-Pooping within 5 minutes of sitting in Bumbo

One Month Old

Lilie's one month photo. Two month photo is coming soon! Thanks to Aunt Katelyn for the onesie!

Here's Hoping!

I finally realized there is an app for blogger! I feel like when I first got my iPhone maybe this didn't exist. Here's hoping this will allow me to update the blog more often!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Long Over Due

Finally got around to finishing this intricate photo collage.  I know I have posted NOTHING since I announced I was pregnant.  Now I have a 7 week old baby! I promise I will post more when she is not crying or demanding my breasts.

I never realized how big I was before I had her, but looking at this I guess I did get fairly large.  Ah well --- that is what's supposed to happen, right?