Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back to Scrapping...

Now that schools out I finally have time to scrapbook again! I have had these pictures sitting on my desk for months and I just now got to them. This is a page I did from when we went to the Farmer's Market to pick out our pumpkin! I was so excited that Joe and I both looked cute in these pictures (that rarely happens :)) The colors are a bit off and the whole thing is crooked because my scanner isn't the greatest. Hope you enjoy!

Welcome to me brand new blog!

So. I finally bit the bullet and started a blog.  I was so inspired by all of my friends and family and figured, if they can do it, surely so can I! I have no idea how everyone makes their pages so stinking cute, so beware! I will be asking for blog help! My hopes for this thing are to keep everyone posted on what Joe and I are up to and maybe show off some of my scrapbooking stuff too :) So here it is.  My first blog post. A day that will go down in history.